New Book!

Ultimate Team Player

This is the first book in my new fiction series following a young man named Remington Roberts as he makes his way through his basketball career. It is the compelling story of a kid who is a great team player trying to help his team get to the state tournament while having to overcome the selfishness of the most talented player on the team. Can they rise above and achieve their dream, or will they fall apart like too many other times before?

The book is on sale during the holidays. The paperback will retail for $14.95, but you can get it now until around the 1st of the year for just $9.95! The eBook will retail for $4.99, but you can get it now for just $2.99! Click here to be taken to Amazon to order.

I am out of town visiting family for the holidays. However, you can still purchase my books right now through Amazon.

Click here to be taken to my author page where you can see my books and place your order for them.

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