Remington Roberts Series – Book #1 – Ultimate Team Player (Paperback)


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This is the first book in a new fiction series following a young man named Remington Roberts as he makes his way through his basketball career. Remington is the type of player who  does everything he can to make sure that his teams are put into the best positions they can be for success. In a world of selfish, me-first people, Remington is a breath of fresh air. He is the kind of person everyone wants to have on their teams, for he is the type of person who works to make sure that everyone is having the best experience possible. He is the “Ultimate Team Player.”

Both books in this series make for a great gift for any young athlete!

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This is my first fiction book ever! It is the first book in a series following a young man named Remington Roberts. Remington is a point guard on his high school basketball team, and he is the "ultimate team player." He is trying to help lead his team to the state tournament for the first time in many years. However, Cade Clemons, a senior who is the most talented player on the team, does not share Remington's team-first attitude. Cade is all about Cade. While he wants to win, he wants to make sure that he gets what he wants to get out of the game, and he's not all that concerned with helping the team succeed.

As the team makes its way through the season, Cade clashes with Remington, his coaches, and his teammates. When the post-season tournament begins that will determine if they get to state, the team is not in a good place. The only way they will get to where they want to get is if Remington can somehow help the team either overcome Cade's selfishness or bring him into the fold and become the kind of teammate he needs to be.

Will the team reach its goal of getting to the state tournament? Or will Cade's selfish behaviors sabotage their chances of achieving their dream? Find out in this exciting new story, Ultimate Team Player.


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