Hello!  I’m Scott

I help individuals and teams in a variety of areas become the best they’re capable of becoming by creating positive habits and cultures of excellence. Through my writing, speaking, coaching, & training, I guide people down a path to help them develop their skills to the best of their abilities, while working to instill principles of character, integrity, discipline, and selflessness in themselves and their team cultures.

I am so glad you found the SlamDunk Success site. I look forward to serving you and helping you become the best you’re capable of becoming!

A Little More About Me

I am what I recently heard called a “Multi-Potentialite.” You may be wondering, “What is a multi-potentialite?” A multi-potentialite is someone who wears many different hats and works in a variety of fields and venues.

I have been a high school & middle school English teacher, coach of multiple sports at multiple levels, athletic director, trainer, writer, blogger, vlogger, editor, course creator, & podcaster over the last 30+ years.

As you can see, my areas of experience and expertise are varied. Therefore, you will see on this site a wide variety of areas and options for you to choose from focused on different ways that I can help you become your best in a variety of realms.

Check out the area or areas in the menu above that would be most appropriate for your needs, click on it, and you will be taken to that section of the site.

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