Senior Salute


Senior Salute. It is an economical, meaningful gift for coaches and parents to give to their senior athletes to honor them for their years of service to their teams. Written in a similar fashion to my Inspiration for the Graduate gift book, it has seven team themes that have been prevalent in kids’ athletic lives and will be part of their future lives: Character/Integrity, Trust, Passion, Toughness, Accountability, Teamwork, and Success. There are many quotes supporting each theme, as well as a page at the end of each chapter for your athletes to take notes if they so desire. Like the graduate book, the inside front cover is set up for you to write a personal note to your senior athlete. You can present the book to your seniors in a white gift envelope, which is included in the purchase price. I ship them by Priority Mail, so you should receive them within 3-4 days after ordering them.



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