All of the books that I have written have been written with coaches in mind, and then indirectly, student-athletes. While the main messages in most of them will translate well to leaders in the non-coaching world, the #1 audience they are for is coaches. So if you are a coach, you will definitely find books here that will spark your interest and teach you some lessons you can use with your athletes and your teams. 

If you are not a coach, you will still find great lessons in these books, as well. I will also continue to expand my offering of books for you in the future to include lessons for all types of leaders, coaches, and athletes. 

In fact, I have new books coming out in late spring and early summer of 2022. Similar to my best-selling book, Inspiration for the Graduate, I wrote Senior Salute a few years ago as a booklet that coaches could give to their senior athletes on their Senior Nights or at their End-of-Season Awards Nights. I have now updated and upgraded it to a full-blown 72-page book, complete with illustrations, pages to take notes, and a page for coaches to write a note to their athletes. It will be available in April.

Later in the spring, I will be releasing another of my booklets as an updated and upgraded full-blown book. The original booklet was called The Sportsmanship Dilemma. It is about the problems we face as coaches, athletes, and parents balancing the desire to win our contests with the need to demonstrate good sportsmanship and character. I am deciding on keeping the same title or changing it to something else. Look for a May release date for that book.

You will also be seeing another old booklet of mine called Establishing Your Coaching Philosophy coming out as a new updated and upgraded book called, Your Coaching Philosophy. In it, I explain the importance of the four different philosophies that all coaches need to establish and then communicate to their stakeholders if they want to be successful. While that book will cost $5.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for the eBook, the eBook will be free for anyone who signs up for my email list. Check back to my website in mid-to-late-April to see when it will be available.

Finally, I will be releasing more books as the year goes on. There will be non-fiction books likes the ones mentioned above, as well as Book #3 in my Remington Roberts fictional series. So check back often to see when those will be released. Better yet, get on my email list (when Your Coaching Philosophy comes out, and you can get it for free by joining the email list), so you never miss a new release.

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