All of the books that I have written have been written with coaches in mind. While the main messages in most of them will translate well to leaders in the non-coaching world, the first audience I wrote them for was coaches. So if you are a coach, you will definitely find books here that will spark your interest and teach you some lessons you can use with your athletes and your teams. 

If you are not a coach, you will still find great lessons in these books, as well. As I put this page together in late 2020, know that I will be expanding my offering of books for you in the future to include lessons for all types of leaders.

My newest book is a fiction book called Ultimate Team Player. I wrote it with middle school & high school athletes and coaches in mind as the main audience.  It is Book #1 in a series that will teach lessons while telling entertaining stories.

You can click on the image below to be taken to the book on Amazon, where it is on a special release price for Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

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