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SlamDunk Significance is our new program that has been created to help school and youth athletics provide young people opportunities to play the sports they love in organized, fun, competitive environments. Athletes and coaches understand the impact that their sports experience has had on their lives. They often credit sports with teaching them life lessons that helped them become successful.

All too often, though, we hear horror stories of the negative side of youth and school sports. When sports are not managed to create positive experiences for kids, those experiences can turn ugly, leading many kids to stop playing the games they have loved for so long.

We cannot leave the joy and positive impact that our kids receive from sports to chance. We must be intentional about providing ALL athletes the opportunity to have joyful, positive, impactful experiences from their sports.

One of the best ways to do that is to bring in professional speakers and trainers to teach coaches, administrators, parents, and the athletes themselves how to create that type of sports experience of significance for kids.

Unfortunately, too many schools, teams, and leagues can’t afford to provide these types of trainings. Therefore, nothing changes, and the outcome and impact of playing sports in those cultures and with those teams is left to chance.

Meanwhile, professional athletes and coaches who have made it to the top levels of their sports sign lucrative contracts to play and coach their sports. Some of them also get paid as spokespersons to advertise products, many of which have nothing to do with their sports.

If we can bridge the gap between the schools/leagues that lack funding and the cost to bring in speakers and trainers to help create great cultures and experiences, the ultimate winners will be the kids.

But how do we bridge that gap?

Professional athletes and coaches with the financial resources to donate to a mission like this and a desire to give back to the sports that helped them get to the top of their sports can be that bridge to bring speakers and trainers to those schools, leagues, and communities that so desperately need them.

SlamDunk Significance was created to offer professional athletes & coaches—or anyone else who has felt the positive impact playing sports has had on their lives and who want to make a difference—a place to donate money to pay speakers & trainers to provide professional development opportunities at schools and leagues that will help kids have a more positive & more impactful sport experience of significance for the rest of their lives.

We have started a GoFundMe Campaign to create cash flow and start connecting schools with trainers/speakers whose trainings lead to positive results for kids & coaches. Please considering helping us by clicking on the button below and making a donation.

We thank you for helping us help kids have the best athletic experience possible!

Schools/Leagues & ADs/Coaches

If you would are interested in bringing a trainer/speaker to your school to help develop your team cultures, please click here to be taken to an application to fill out and submit for review.

Application for Professional Development – Google Doc


If you are a speaker who does character-based athletic, leadership, team-building, etc. presentations and workshops, please click below to be taken to a request form to fill out and submit for review.

Speaker/Trainer Application for SlamDunk Significance


If you would like to help kids have opportunities for better athletic/activities experiences, you can donate here or at the button above.

Helping Kids Have the Best Athletic Experience Possible

When you donate to SlamDunk Significance, you help kids in all types of sports have an opportunity for positive, impactful athletic experiences by helping the adults involved learn how best to provide those kinds of experiences.

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