Writing & Editing

I am so excited to be able to offer you help in this facet of my professional career. For the last ten years, my website & the majority of my business has been all about the coaching and athletic world.

But I have had an entire other part of my career that was not being used in that part of my world. That is the world of writing, editing, and communication. I have been an English/Language Arts teacher for over twenty years. Teaching has been a huge part of my life. I have taken that aspect of my life and branched out with it to helping people of all ages with their communication skills.

So I now have a venue and a vehicle where I can offer my help to people. This is the section of SlamDunk Success devoted to the world of communication, writing, editing, and more. As the site is getting up and running, much of this section will be “Under Construction.”

As I continue to build out the site, I will continue to add offerings to help you become a better writer, reader, speaker, and communicator in general. So check back often to see what’s new and how I can help you become the best communicator you can be!

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