Your Coaching Philosophy (eBook)


Congratulations on being a coach of a team! By saying “Yes” to that role, you are about to have an influence and impact on the lives of many different people, especially many young people. Are you ready for that responsibility?

One crucial element to prepare yourself for the responsibility of coaching a team is to establish a coaching philosophy. In fact, there are multiple philosophies you will want to understand, implement, and live by. It is critical that before you set foot in a meeting, practice, or contest, you establish the various philosophies necessary for you to perform and to help your teams perform their best.

Every coach needs a philosophy. Whether you are the head coach of a varsity team, a lower-level assistant coach, or even a youth coach not affiliated with a school, you need to have a guide for why you do what you do as a coach and how to do it. Depending upon the level at which you coach, this may or may not be a very detailed explanation. However, no matter what level you coach at, you need to have an idea and a plan for what this experience should be all about.

In Your Coaching Philosophy, Scott Rosberg offers you a guide to the four most important philosophies you need to establish.

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