Last week’s post was the final post in a series of posts I did on Professionalism in Coaching.

Interestingly enough, today’s post is also a final post in a way.

I plan on scaling back my writing of these posts every week.

I did something similar two years ago, but I didn’t really ever stop doing them. I enjoy writing these enough that I just kept making the time each week to do it.

However, in my desire to continue to grow and develop in a variety of ways, I follow a variety of people in the leadership and personal development arena. Most of them talk about the importance of focusing one’s attention on just a few areas that produce the most positive benefit and effect.

I do many different things as part of my professional life:

I teach English.

I coach middle school basketball.

I coach kids in 1-on-1, small groups, and camp settings.

I write books.

I speak at schools and other organizations on leadership, team-building, and character-based athletic topics.

I have a podcast called Great Quotes for Coaches.

I do videos on my SlamDunk Success YouTube Channel.

And I write these posts.

Too Much on My Plate

While I do many different things as part of my professional life, I have also put myself into a position of having too much on my professional plate to be focused and successful in the ways I want to be. 

I have a lot of projects that I want to accomplish in 2022—new books published, a couple of courses, more videos & podcasts, more speaking engagements, potentially turning one of my books into a movie, and more.

For 7 years, I have written and published a blog post pretty much every week without fail.

I love writing them. I like the research, the thought-process, and the actual wordsmithing to put the posts together and bring them to you.

However, what I don’t like is all the time spent between the finish of writing the post and getting it out to you and to the people on my email list.

That is a fairly laborious part of the process, and it adds hours to the finished product.

By the time a post makes its way out to the world, I have usually invested anywhere from three to five hours on it.

Three to five hours is not necessarily a lot of time, in and of itself. But over the course of a month, that is 12-20 hours that I could be devoting to one of the many projects that I want to accomplish this year.

And so, I have decided to pause writing these posts for a while.

I will be doing more podcast episodes and more videos as part of my weekly productions, so those of you who are subscribed to the Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast and SlamDunk Success YouTube Channel, as well as my email list, will still be hearing from me on a regular basis.

I will also continue to alert all of you when any of my new projects are coming out. (Spoiler Alert: Get ready for a few new books coming out this spring, summer, and fall!)

Also, at times I will probably post some of my older posts that may be appropriate for things that are happening in the world. And I may write a new one here and there, too.

But until further notice, I will not be writing any more blog posts. 

I hope you will stay connected to SlamDunk Success through the different mediums that I have mentioned above.

Please reach out to me if you have any thoughts about my choice to pause the posts for awhile and if you would like to see me do more of anything else in particular.