So there I was on a walk with my dog, and I was listening to an audiobook version of a book that was written way back in the 1930s. In it, I heard a story about the author receiving a letter from someone who had heard the author give the Commencement Address at that young man’s college graduation some 30 years before. The graduate told the author in his letter that the author’s words were so powerful and so inspirational that they set the young man on a journey that led him to all the success that he achieved and caused him to have a great impact on many other people by becoming a United States congressman.

In the course of about two more steps, it hit me – “Oh my gosh. This year’s graduating class won’t have an opportunity like that. They won’t be hearing messages like that this year.”

And then I thought, “What the class of 2020 has lost this year is unfathomable.” I also realized that the final words of encouragement and inspiration that graduates normally receive prior to going on into the next phase of their lives might not be happening this year for many graduates.

That’s when it hit me. I need to do a commencement address for all the people graduating this year who won’t hear one. I wanted to deliver a message of thanks to all of this year’s graduates for dealing with this situation the way they have and a message of hope for them to carry on into the next phase of their lives.

So that’s what I did! I would appreciate it if you would watch it. If you like it, I would be grateful to you if you would pass it on to any graduates you know that might like it or might need to hear a message like it. Feel free to share it with anyone you think might like a little message of hope at this time.

Thanks to all the graduates out there for all you have done to get to this point and all you will do in the future. Congratulations to all of you!